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Marine Film Services

Born from the South African Navy, Team Frog Squad was established in 2004.

Today the team provide marine film services and underwater camera support to the international film industry. 

Team Frog Squad is made up of marine coordinators, diving instructors, commercial dive supervisors, divers, skippers and riggers as well as in-house underwater camera operators, all of whom are IMDB accredited. 

The Frog Squad offers an unparalleled range of camera and support craft, pontoons, diving equipment, rigging gear, water safety and marine props, as well as the latest underwater camera equipment, all of which are owned and operated from Frog Squad HQ 

Marine Film Services

Marine Film Support

Marine Coordinators

The Frog Squad marine coordinators have worked with all the large studios and networks around the world. No production is too large or budget too small.

Marine Film Services

Team Frog Squad has a full service approach to your marine production, offering advice and expertise in all fields of marine film making.

Under Water Camera Support

Dive Team Frog Squad comprises all the legal manpower elements and equipment required to safely navigate your underwater film making experience.

Projects Portfolio

Our Team

Established in 2004, #TeamFrogsquad has grown from strength to strength, with an emphasis on building a team of marine professionals that can operate in many areas of the marine film environment. Although specialists in various disciplines, we work as one, the Frog Squad.