Welcome to the Frogsquad

The Frog Squad is a team of film production specialists offering marine and diving support to the Southern African film industry. The team’s collective origins can be traced back to the SA Navy Dive Centre and time spent on and underwater over the last 14 years has lead to the team becoming the marine film unit of choice for the industry.

Today, Team Frog squad is made up of a group of internationally recognised marine co-ordinators, dive supervisors, diving instructors, commercial divers, skippers, sailors and riggers as well as in-house underwater camera operators, all of whom are IMDB accredited.

The Frog Squad service doesn’t stop there, we offer an unparalled range of camera and support craft, pontoons, diving equipment, rigging, water safety, marine props and underwater camera equipment, all of which are owned and operated by in-house crew from Frog Squad HQ.

Clients have free access to our online boat database and research cloud, saving time and money when preparing bids and budgets are a mere phone call away.

The Frog Squad is an institution, a collective of marine film professionals with a common goal. Our experience is unchallenged, our enthusiasm unwavering, our service efficient – nobody stays in the water longer than we do and always with a smile, it’s the Frog Squad way!