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The FROG SQUAD offers an unparalleled range of services for your marine film productions.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and have operated both locally and abroad, combining local knowledge and assets to lend our skills to award winning film making.

Marine Coordinators

Jimmy Fraser

Jason Martin


Team Frog Squad has 3 IMDB accredited marine coordinators, all of whom have travelled around the globe offering International Film Productions their expertise. As a founding member of the Stunt Alliance, the Frog Squad marine coordinators are themselves commercially qualified skippers, dive supervisors and divers.

Marine Support

Marine support, under the guidance of the Marine coordinator are the backbone to any production filming on, near or underwater. While working with stunts, grips, lighting and camera teams in front of the camera, Team Frog Squad must also give support to the behind the scenes requirements of the unit, transport , catering and AD departments.

Specialised Camera Platforms

The Frog Squad owns and operates custom made camera platforms that are designed for easy transport and launching on all our dams, seas and waterways. The platforms cater for all locations and marine environments, be it a techno 50 at sea or a hand held rig in a quarry.

Underwater Camera Support

Specialising in underwater diving support got us into the film Industry, operating our Frog Squad owned underwater cameras is what sets us apart. The Frog Squad operators and underwater camera services are part and parcel of our dynamic marine service to the film industry. The Frog Squad Team has 2 IMDB credited underwater camera operators, operating the Red Helium and Alexa mini in Frog Squad owned Gates Housings. Other cameras and housings are available on request.

Diving Support

The Frog Squad Dive Team is made up of professional Supervisors, divers, Diving Instructors and riggers, all of whom have manpower and IMDB accreditation. Dive-Team Frog Squad provide in-water safety and training for both cast and crew, and work side by side with all the best Stunt Coordinators in the business.

Action Boat Hire

Procuring Picture craft is a big part of Marine Coordination on any sized production. The Frog Squad coordinators have worked in ports around the world chartering vessels and making them safe for film making.

The Frog Squad offers all our clients access to our online database, whereby researches have access to hundreds of picture boats for their commercials, features or stills.

Amphibious Rigging

The Frog Squad Dive Team has over the last 17 years progressed to bridge the gap for technical film crew rigging by assisting the various departments with their rigging requirements when working in a marine environment. Building truss rigs underwater, underwater lighting, pool black-outs, assisting with green screens or making walkways for cast and crew. The Frog Squad has licensed riggers to assist you in your production.

Marine Stunts & Safety

The Frog Squad has over the years worked alongside many internationally accredited stunt coordinators and action directors, providing water safety and guidance while filming in or on the marine environment. productions, features films, long form blockbusters, reality shows, documentary’s, TV commercials and stills, Team Frog Squad’s Marine and Diving CV has no equal.

Underwater Camera Equipment

Team Frog Squad established their Underwater Camera Service in 2010, purchasing the Red Dragon in Gates Housing. Today we offer two more cameras in the form of the Red Helium and Alexa mini, both of which have their own specialised Gates Housings. For productions needing to film in the surf, we offer the SPL Red Dragon housing and Salty Cannon 5D MK4 camera options. All camera gear comes to set with a Frog Squad camera technician, underwater comms and spares